GM’s Closed Loop Set The Standards For The Industry


At the General Motors Power Train division, five casting plants pour a total of 26,000 blocks, 26,000 transmission cases, and 40,000 heads each day. The parts aren’t all the same. To make them quickly and accurately requires the most agile technologies available.

From Mike Edington’s perspective, GM accomplishes this by combining one of the world’s best privately owned global networks and home-grown mathematical wizardry with commercially available three-dimensional CAD software, LAN products, and client/server technologies. But Edington, the top IT executive for casting, could easily add a four- letter word to the formula: r-i-s-k–and the company’s willingness to continuously stalk the cutting edge of computer technology.

Now here’s what lies ahead: GM’s developing sensoring devices and special software that will allow it to collect data from each manufacturing cell, measure the performance of each tool or machine in the cell, and chart all of it on a computer in real time.

GM is also planning to replace its costly, …


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