Is It Necessary To Hire Data Recovery Expert?

One of the things we haven’t really looked at lately is hard disk health. Let’s face it, we all have hard drives, and yet most of us don’t really have a plan in case they fail. And the issue is, of course, that they do. Every single day. When you least expect it. Which is exactly why I thought it was necessary to point this out to my readers. I’ve lost data before, and let me tell you, it’s a hard, hard thing.

Attempting to recover files that you have accidentally deleted may do further damage to your hard drive even if you have an idea how to go about it. You need to keep in mind that data loss may be due to a number of reasons and if you do not have a concrete solution to the problem, you might end up losing the files completely. This is why, instead of attempting a data recovery, why not hire an expert to do the job for you? Not only will you save time but money as well because you no longer have to replace your hard drive. When you consider data recovery in Irvine, you may want to consider Hard Drive Recovery Group (website here), because they offer low cost, hard disk recovery that takes place in a clean room, which is of course standard for professional shops.

When searching for data recovery, you must also check our reviews as this alone can be considered a determining factor whether or not you are dealing with professionals. If the website looks sloppy, you might want to consider other companies that will help you solve your problem. Do not just opt for anyone without substantial experience because you will only be exposing your hard drive to damage. And that can kill your data!

Linux can be a big help for Windows file system recoveries.

Linux can be a big help for Windows file system recoveries.

Linux Can Be Used To Perform Data Recovery From A Damaged HDD

File recovery can be performed by setting up a simple Linux console. There are multiple steps those have to be followed while recovering the data from an HDD that is either damaged or not in usable state.

First important step is grabbing the image. There are a variety of programs (and a debate about cloning vs imaging). There are a wide variety of reasons why your Windows operating system will not be able to find the drive or the files on it. This is because often the file system is damaged and hence inaccessible. When dealing with a file system that is damaged and is not in usable state, it is recommended you grab the imageĀ  prior to executing any type of file system repair utility. This is due to the fact that the situation cam worsen when you have both the physical and the file system damaged and start messing around.

Here Goes Nothing…

First, boot the drive with your Windows OS bootable CD. Choose the option for the recovery console and use chkdsk for repairing the file system using the command chkdsk (HDD Drive letter). This will force the windows OS to attempt to perform the file system repair.

There are some features included in the latest versions of the Linux of the ntfs-3g and ntfsprogs features that come with a program called ntfsfix. These can help with repairing the Windows file system and can help in either mounting or booting. They will have no issues in seeing and accessing the data even when the drive is in unbootable state to its Native OS.

You can try mounting the drive using a Linux machine; a Live CD can be used to perform the same tasks without need to perform anything apart from just downloading and burning the image on the CD.

Now after burning, the BIOS settings has to be changed in order to continue with the file system recovery.

Since we are dealing with Linux, here are some mounting instructions.

Mounting in Linux is like partitioning in Windows. Once mounted, the files can be backed up very easily just by specifying a good spot.

How To Check For Hard Drive Problems, Checking And Repair

When a hard drive fails, there is usually no specific reason why or specific symptoms as to how. Checking if your computer problems are indeed the fault of your hard drive can often be a beast of a task. Of course, it could be fairly easy for a professional to tell which part is broken, but if you are just a regular non-hardware geek like I am, it’s a little tougher. But having enough knowledge so can you avoid spending big bucks just to have your computer checked is really handy. So here are some tips that you should always keep in mind.

First, check for to ensure your drive’s power and SAN cables are plugged in correctly and securely. Sometimes it is just unconnected cables that make your computer act up. You can easily unplug cables and plug them right back in while the computer is turned off as an additional check. If that does not fix the problem, take out the hard drive and check for physical marks: here may be scorch marks on the side of the hard drive on the Printed Circuit Board (PCB). This is the part of the drive that is usually vulnerable to power surges and can easily get burnt. If there is some evidence of burns there are ways to replace the PCB. Lastly, check if there is an abnormal clicking sound when you turn the computer on. If there is, this would be the best time to go to your local technician because a clicking sound is a sign of a broken component inside the drive. If that’s the case, you’re going to need to call a professional, no doubt about it.



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3 comments on “Is It Necessary To Hire Data Recovery Expert?

  1. Sherise Nanez on said:

    I hire data recovery expert because I am an extremely busy person. I do not have much time teaching myself how to do it. Some refer to the internet to make fixing it right. It does not work for me because I am not good in following instructions.

  2. Coletta Guerrero on said:

    I love fixing stuff. I feel good when I have it fixed. But hdd is not something one should experiment with. It has to be assigned to the experts.

  3. Rosanne Vanhook on said:

    It is necessary to hire a data recovery expert especially if you are after convenience. An expert knows exactly what he has to do with a damaged hard drive. If you do it yourself, there is a big chance that its damage will get worse.

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