Methods That Help Patients With Panic Disorders


There are some stressful situations that cause us to feel anxious. But when these stressful situations are gone, we may calm down and continue with our lives. But some people simply can’t manage to pass through these situations normally. They often get panic attacks and the only thing they would like to know is how to control panic attacks. The solution is never far away when you have the best information.

Sometimes, the best solutions are the simple ones. So that’s the case here as well. A person who is faced with panic attack should focus on belly breathing. Understanding how to control breathing is actually the most important thing in such situations. When facing panic attacks, people usually breathe fast and low, instead of taking deep and slow breaths. Sometimes people hyperventilate and you can see them taking a brown paper bag which they use to solve their problem with breathing. But it is better to sit down in a case of panic attack and focus on deep and slow breathing. A person should put a hand on a stomach and feel how the stomach muscles are moving. When we breathe in, the stomach should go bigger, and the opposite – when we breathe out, the stomach should go in.

Simple Steps That Work When Facing Panic Disorder

Avoiding stressful situations is a first step in solving our problems with anxiety and panic disorder. If you have a job that is causing you so much stress that you can’t live normally, then you should change a type of a job, or consider changing a company you work at. Your health is of great importance. But if changing the circumstances does not help and you constantly feel anxious and panicked, there are other ways on how to control panic attacks. You can give any of them a try!

First, focus on breathing by moving your stomach muscles instead of your chest. Second, think about good scenes like tropical sunset or fresh juice. Imagine good things and do all you can to make your body calm down. If you can, lay down and close your eyes. If you are with a friend, ask him or her to help you and to comfort you. But, good friends will talk with you nicely even if you do not ask them then, drink a glass of water and take a bite of fresh fruit or chocolate. Always carry a bottle of water in your bag or purse. You can wash your face too because water will help you to refresh your body and mind too.

Positive Surrounding May Reduce Anxiety

When facing some stressful situation like having exam or going on a date, it is normal that person is a bit nervous or even anxious. But some people feel anxiety even when they are not facing such stressful situations. They may feel anxiety for no reason, or they think that there is no obvious reason. But how to control anxiety if it happens to you?

There are numerous ways you can help yourself. First of all is to avoid situations you don’t like. Of course, some situations can’t be avoided, but if you can, then do it. Second, try to think positively and surround yourself with positive people who affect you in a good way. Maybe you have a family member that is facing difficulties at the moment, so helping that person may make you forget about your problems. Exercising is also very important when talking about natural methods of healing anxiety or depression. Try to go for a walk each morning or evening. Walk fast or run if you like. It is good to have exercise in nature because natural surrounding may influence your body in a positive way. All that sounds you here like birds singing or leaves shaking on the branches may sooth you and make you feel relaxed.



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3 comments on “Methods That Help Patients With Panic Disorders

  1. Margarete Fassino on said:

    Mom has panic disorder. She refrains from taking medication. According to her, she is old and her organs might get easily damaged if she keeps on taking drugs. Instead, she deals with it by means of natural methods. One is through relaxation.

  2. Brandi Ingram on said:

    I have no one with me at home so it is very difficult when I panic. I have a hard time breathing and sometimes I feel like it is going to make me faint. I do not want to take pills, too. What I do now is talk to panic disorder counsels and take on natural remedies.

  3. Fonda Deyon on said:

    My sister’s situation is a lot more serious than anybody else with panic disorder. She is pregnant and every time panic attacks her, her abdomen hurts. It worries us a lot that we have to keep her company all the time. We try hard not to give her any reason to be stressed.

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