Ada – Portrait Of A Classic

Green Hills Ada programming tools are involved in projects to build the future U.S. Joint Strike Fighter, as well as programs to upgrade the B-1B strategic bomber, B-52 bomber, AV-8B Harrier jump jet, and C-17 airlifter, Carbone says.

Green Hills officials are not alone in their optimism about Ada. “We are seeing the language popping up in places far afield from the military, such as in yachts, video systems, and video encoding for images stored on tapes and disk,” says Joyce Tokar, vice president of technology at Ada tools vendor DDC-I in Phoenix.

apoac“The market is recognizing there is an advantage to a programming language that supports early detection of errors at compile time,” Tokar says. DDC-I provides Ada compilers and tools for the U.S. Army RAH-66 scout-attack helicopter computer systems.

Things did not always look so good for the Ada business. As a matter of fact, only three years ago it looked as if Ada had hit


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